Sneaky types who have the unique ability to steal items from monsters, shops, NPCs and even other players. Assassins are geared towards using Agility and Dexterity in order to sneak around and hit quickly and accurately. They can also remain undetected from enemies, allowing them to make a deadly first strike.

Equipment Edit

Oak Shortbow
Type: Ranged (2-Handed)
Attack: 2

Leather Armour
Type: Body Armour
Defense: 2

Poison (3)
Type: Consumable
Details: Can be applied to a weapon or ammo, causing the next attack to inflict the poison status effect. Poison deals 1 extra damage per turn until the target dies or is cured. If the attack misses, the target is not poisoned, but 1 dose of poison is still used. Applying poison counts as a Minor Action and an attack should be made in the same turn.

Skills Edit

A skill which allows the player to attempt to pickpocket a person or creature. If the target has no bags or held items, no attempt can be made. The Assassin may choose an item that is visible to try and steal or go at random for the contents of a bag. On a roll of: Dex+1D6 If the score is equal or higher than the DM set difficulty rating then the item is pickpocketed successfully. One use per turn, can only be used on one item or bag from one target per use. You cannot steal equipped weapons or armour. If the Assassin is cloaked by Stealth and their Steal attempt fails, their Stealth will also be removed. Steal counts as a Major Action and the player cannot move or attack in the same turn.

The Assassin has the passive ability to go undetected when entering an area that contains other people or creatures. When entering an occupied area, if a roll of (Dex/4)+1D6 is equal to or more than 7, then the Assassin activates Stealth. Any Defense points from armour that the character has will be subtracted from their Dexterity when rolling for Stealth, meaning heavy armour may cause the roll to fail. While Stealth is active, the Assassin cannot be attacked, seen or interacted with by anyone other than allies. They gain a +1 to the result of their Steal rolls, can ignore initiative and always get the first strike and the critical roll of their first strike will be successful on either a 5 or a 6. After their first attack, or after failing a Steal attempt or interacting with an NPC, Stealth will be removed.