Max HP: 12

Attributes: None

Appearance: In appearance they are no different to the average human, their skin tones and builds vary depending on the region of Colvatchia they or their descendants are from. Blue was the colour of Kenston and is also the colour of Woodport, the only Colvatchian town that was left standing after the Great War and they often wear this in pride or in remembrance of the fallen.

Ecology: Their main assets are their survival instincts. The Colvatchians who survived the destruction of their homeland were the toughest of their kind, making all of their descendants particularly hardy. After the death of their leader Venion, the Colvatchians had to make sure to look after their own and through enduring this loss, they become stronger still. It is worth noting that there were very few humans native to Longbirch before the Colvatchians arrived.

Diplomacy: The Colvatchians are keen enough to make friendships with those of other races, even if for nothing else than to flog wares. They get along well with Aquirioth and many Nefaryn as well as quite a few Netherfolk. Dealings with Zianites have become progressively more friendly, especially after the death of Arglazia, although prejudices of the past have been harder to shake off for some.

Religion: The most widely worshipped god among Colvatchians is the Lightbringer. He is thought of as the most powerful of all of the deities and is served by many clerics. Many Colvatchians also still have a zealous devotion to their fallen king, having seen him do battle with Arglazia, they saw him as their great salvation. This devotion has clouded their perception to Venion's activites in the past and even led some Colvatchians to follow him into undeath.

Naming Conventions: Colvatchians have standard names, similar to the humans of Earth. They vary depending on the region of Colvatchia that their family originated from; for instance, those from Goldune may have Arabian-sounding names or those from the Colvatchian Highlands may have Gaelic or Celtic-sounding names. For the most part, Colvatchians have general fantasy or real-world names. you can use this name generator to get some good examples.