The following is a list of deities that can be used in VFRS scenarios. DMs are free to come up with their own set of deities, however.

A character's Deity gives them a small bonus attribute or ability, and in tandem with Traits, aims to add a bit of depth to character creation.

Deity Effect Restrictions Lore
The Lightbringer +1 to heal amount for Clerics and Druids. Other classes will gain +1 to their end-of-day HP regeneration. None Other Names: Lord of the Light, King of the Gods, The Light, The One True God

Association and Affinity: Light, Cleansing, Absolution, Repelling Darkness, Purity, Healing

The Lightbringer possesses the most followers of any deity in Longbirch and indeed the entire planet of Lifestar. The most common perception of The Lightbringer is one of a great fatherly figure who guides people through life with his teachings and absolves them of their bad deeds. Some take a more broad view and see The Lightbringer as genderless, formless being, entity or force of pure light. The Lightbringer has the largest following of clerics and many chapels and cathedrals devoted to The Light are scattered throughout the Kingdom.

The Moon Goddess +2 to undead damage using heal for Clerics. Non-Clerics may re-roll a failed Critical against undead foes once. None Other Names: Luna, Lady of the Night, The Crescent Mistress, The Dusk

Association and Affinity: Darkness, Night, Shadow, Purging, Strength, Willpower

The Moon Goddess, commonly known as Luna, is often seen as the inverse of The Lightbringer; this is not to say that Luna is evil, but that they are two sides of the same coin. Some say The Lightbringer rules during the day and The Goddess at night, others say that they work as a pair and even go as far as to say they might be lovers. Whereas The Lightbringer is often seen as a healer, many see Luna as a warrior, and she is looked upon with adoration by many knights and crusaders as their guardian during battles. Unlike The Lightbringer, Luna is almost always assigned a gender (female) and worshipped with far more affection. She is often seen as the deity of the common man, whereas nobles prefer to keep their alignment with The Lightbringer. Both Luna and The Lightbringer, as with most gods, are said to abhor the undead, due to the adverse affects that holy spells and objects have on undead beings.

Soleste One re-roll to Criticals against dark-type creatures None Other Names: The Sun, Sol, Mother Gaia

Association and Affinity: Sunlight, Warmth, Nature, Growth, Love, Vigour

Sun worship is not uncommon among the inhabitants of Longbirch and among Nefaryn it is incredibly common. They have taken to calling it Soleste and see it's effects on nature and equate it to a spirit of nature. Nefaryn philosophy combines the science and spirituality of their worship and they use metaphor to explain much more complicated scientific theories. The Nefaryn see The Lightbringer and Soleste as one and the same and believe that the magic supplied by The Lightbringer is no different than the mana that flows through nature.

Kridoth 1 free point to Str stat. Aquirioth Only Other Names: Lord of the Hunt

Association and Affinity: Hunting, Strength, Skill, Lineage

Kridoth is an Aquirioth hero from legend who was said to stand at around 15 feet tall, wearing armour of twisted vines and a large spear. It is unknown whether or not he actually existed, but most Aquirioth believe that he did and that he is a common ancestor to all Aquirioth.

The Lich King -1 to damage received from Undead foes. None Other Names: King Venion, The True King, The Fallen, The Undead Saint

Association and Affinity: Undeath, Vengeance, Colvatchia, Loyalty

Due to the effects of the pact between Venion and Arglazia, Colvatchians did and still do see Venion as more than just a King. This only serves to make Venion stronger as the worship of something transfers mana to it.

Arglazia Successful Critical attacks have a 33% chance of exploding with chaotic energy dealing an additional 2 damage. None Other Names: The Beast, The Betrayer, The Demon Beast, Dark Elder

Association and Affinity: Evil, Zianites, Magic, Power, Inter-Dimensional Travel, Creation, Destruction

The ancient evil lord of all shadow, now widely believed to be deceased. The creator of the Zianites and the blight of Venion and his Colvatchian people.

The Cult Able to harvest low-quality meat from defeated enemies where possible, which can be eaten to restore a tiny bit of HP. None Other Names: The Cult of Dominus, Salvation

Association and Affinity: Cannibalism, Omens, Foresight, High-King Dominus, Hidden Truth

A mass hallucination known as The Vision was witnessed by the fabled First Four after they cannibalised the fifth member of their group. It rightly showed to them that Venion was in cahoots with Arglazia and his subsequent downfall and the rise of Dominus to the seat of High-King. The group took it as a prophecy and has worked tirelessly ever since, ever growing in number, to create the world that they envisioned. They became what is now known as The Cult of Dominus, or simply The Cult, and have amassed a very secretive and dangerous following of zealots, who have very little concern for who is harmed in pursuit of their goal.

Other Adds an Idol Necklace to starting inventory (gives +1 to Cha while worn). None A minor deity of the player's own imagining. They may even believe in all of the gods equally.
No Deity 1 free point to Int stat. None A character who has no strong feelings towards any of the gods, or denies their existence. Some scholars argue that mana creates gods and not the other way around...