Equipment is any kind of item that can be equipped in order to change a player's stats in some way.

Equipment is divided up into 8 slots:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Accessory #1
  • Accessory #2
  • Main Hand
  • Offhand

All other items are considered to be carried somewhere on your person.

There are a few "styles" players may want to consider when using weapons.

One-Handed Weapons:

If a one-handed weapon is equipped with no other weapon or shield then the character will land a critical on a roll of 5-6 instead of just 6.

Shield Use:

Shields add an extra layer of defence, which is essential for characters who rely on armour over dodging.

Two-Handed Weapons:

Two-handed weapons are much more powerful than most one-handed weapons you will find. They will, however, require particular Strength and/or Dexterity to wield.


Dual-wielding two one-handed weapons allows you two attacks (one per weapon), though Dexterity is halved when determining accuracy for the offhand weapon. The Ambidextrous Fighter Trait reduces this penalty.

Ranged Weapons:

Any kind of ranged attack will always have an initiative advantage over a melee weapon, be it a ranged weapon or a ranged spell. Ranged attacks might also have some additional advantages against certain enemies, such as those that fly.


Classes are given some basic armour to start with and are allowed to choose their starting weapon from any of the choices listed on the table below.

Starting Weapon Choices Stats Recommended Classes
Iron Shortsword

Wooden Shield

3 Atk

2 Def

Warrior, Cleric, Crusader, Death Knight
Oak Shortbow

Poison (3)

2 Atk

Usable Item

Assassin, Druid
Iron Longsword 4 Atk Crusader, Death Knight, Assassin
Oak Quarterstaff

Medicinal Herb (2)

1 Atk

Usable Item

Druid, Cleric, Mage
Iron Mace

Wooden Shield

3 Atk

2 Def

Cleric, Warrior, Crusader, Death Knight
Oak Staff 1 Atk +2 Int Mage, Cleric, Death Knight, Druid
Dagger (2) 2 Atk (Each) Assassin, Cultist
Iron Greataxe 6 Atk -2 Agi Death Knight
Iron Scythe 4 Atk Cultist