Max HP: 8

Small Target - +2 to Agi on dodge rolls
Petite Knight - +1 Con and -1 Agi for every 2 Armour Points

Appearance: Lyonians are short in stature, standing at around 4 feet tall when fully grown. They are often seen in groups, off to raid a dungeon, fully suited up in armour. They bear a wide assortment of colourings and markings and their fur can range from short and bristly to long and flowing and all styles in-between.

Ecology: They appear to be no more than large, upright-walking cats, and save for their heightened intelligence and stoic bravery, they match their feline cousins in most of their traits and biology. They have excellent night-vision and are a mostly nocturnal race, going about their day while most other creatures sleep. Lyonians are perhaps best known for their common aspiration of knighthood. Many young Lyonians dream of training to become knights and setting off on grand adventures. It is this fixation that many believe has filled their people with their unique courage. To keep up with the ensuing demand for equipment, weapon and armour smithing is the second most popular career in Lyonian culture. Not all Lyonians are the fighting type however, and some are known for a distinct culinary flair.

Diplomacy: Lyonians are generally good-natured and most people find them easy to get along with. They are understanding of the Colvatchians' plight and bear them no ill-will. Many Colvatchians have taken on Lyonians as squires as they appreciate the Lyonians' keen eyes and know they are great support in a fight. In their passion for combat, Aquirioth seem like natural allies, but due to the Lyonians' size, Aquirioth do not take them seriously as warriors. Lyonians have slowly proved themselves a force to be reckoned with, however. Nefaryn see them as no threat and have a generally indifferent attitude towards them and the same can be said for their relationship with Zianites. Netherfolk have gotten along well with Lyonians, due to their shared passion for blacksmithing, and are currently working together to create ever more advanced weapons and armour.

Religion: The Lyonians have no gods, but they have plenty of legends. In almost every one of their towns there is a barracks belonging to the Grand Order of Knights, whose libraries are filled with stories of ancient knights and there are many statues and paintings displaying gallant heroes of old. It is this culture that drives many Lyonians to be the next great hero and make their village proud.

Naming Conventions: All Lyonian names are derived from the profession their parents hope for them. They are named in their native Lyonian tongue (identical to Japanese) and generally comprise of two-word names, although there is no such thing to them as a "family name", as each Lyonian believes they should fight for their own honour. Examples of Lyonian names are: Masutā Shefu, Rōdo Naito, Kuchi-komi, Hiroikku Wandarā and Densetsu-no.