In the base game, there are 7 pre-made races to choose from. A character's race determines their base Max HP stat, which can be further improved by putting points into Constitution. Some races have additional passive attributes, which are positive or negative, usually depending on if their base HP is higher or lower than the average.

The available default races are:

Race Max Hp Attributes
Colvatchian 12 None
Nefaryn 10 Dexterity Bonus - Automatically re-roll failed Dex rolls once
Aquirioth 14 Dehydration - Take +1 damage from fire type attacks
Lyonian 8 Small Target - +2 to Agi on dodge rolls

Petite Knight - +1 Con and -1 Agi for every 2 Armour Points

Netherfolk 12 Fireproof - Fire type damage is halved

Lavalung - Water type damage is doubled

Undead 14 Immortal Body - Gain an extra 1HP at the end of every day

Immune - Poisons have no effect

Undeath - Healing spells will harm Undead and Cure will have no effect. You cannot become a Cleric. Holy type damage is doubled

Zianite 12 Magical Creature - Gain +2 Int for the rest of the day after eating (Effect does not stack)

Cragskin - Take +1 damage from blunt type weapons