Traits are more intricate facets of your character's personality or skillset that give them an extra edge, or just a bit of depth. Traits cost points, which are earned through choosing Flaws for your character. You must have earned points equal or more than those which you have spent. You cannot have more than 3 Traits, but may have as many Flaws as necessary. You may choose to forgo Traits altogether and not risk the trouble that may come from Flaws.

Traits Edit

Description Point Cost
Silver Tongue A character that is smooth and persuasive enough to recover from almost any faux-pas, allowing them to re-roll any failed Charisma roll when talking with NPCs. 2
Tracker Able to surmise basic information about nearby enemies, players or NPCs and know which direction to go to find them. Information will be provided to the player whenever they step into an area where the adjoining areas are inhabited. 2
Expert Haggler A character that is known to drive a hard bargain. Once a day, on a Charisma roll result of 10+, they can reduce the price of something by half. Usable in any NPC transaction where money is involved. 1
Ambidextrous Fighter A character that can fight using both hands with equal efficiency. Dexterity is not halved when rolling for accuracy for an offhand weapon when dual-wielding. A character that is described as ambidextrous does not necessarily have to take this trait if they have no intention of dual-wielding. 2

Flaws Edit


Points Earned

Mental Instability At the start of each new day, on a 1D6 result of 1, a 1D3 must then be rolled for each player, enemy or NPC that the character meets or is in the company of that day. In the result of another 1, the character immediately attacks. The player can then choose to either fight it out or attempt to regain sanity each turn by attempting to achieve a 1D6 result of 5-6. 3
Monster Phobias A fear of insects, undead, demons, constructs, fiends or monstrous animals. The player's character is paralysed with fear when encountering these foes and suffers -2 to the result of their initiative and automatically forfeits any ranged bonus causing them to roll as if they are wielding a melee weapon. 1 per phobia
Xenophobia A fear or prejudice towards those of a certain race. The player chooses any default race (or any of the ones the DM has supplied), the character suffers -2 to any Int or Cha rolls when talking to NPCs of that race. The character must also successfully make an Int roll of 14+ if they wish to cast buffs or healing upon or trade items with any Player or NPC of the selected race. 1 per race
Frail & Sickly Any character who is in a perpetually frail state due to a debilitating illness or some other such reason. The character suffers -2 to the result of all Strength rolls and -1 to their Armour points. 2