A class focused primarily on the use of defense to withstand attacks long enough for them to destroy enemies. Their starting skills allow them to increase their own defense and to deal more damage when they are severely injured.

Equipment Edit

Iron Shortsword
Type: Bladed (1-Handed)
Attack: 3

Wooden Shield
Type: Shield
Defense: 2

Leather Armour
Type: Body Armour
Defense: 2

Skills Edit

Defensive Stance
The Warrior gains an additional 2 Def at the expense of -2 to the result of attack rolls. May be used as a minor action and the Warrior can move or attack in the same turn. Has no duration, can simply be turned either on or off once per turn to suit the player's needs. Must always be shifted BEFORE making an attack, therefore you cannot attack at full strength and then immediately gain the defensive bonus on the counter-attack.

A passive skill which is active while the Warrior's HP is at 30% or less. The Warrior gains a +2 bonus to the result of attack rolls.